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12% of 6 tasks completed. 6 open tasks:

FS#85 - drifted layers Expand Collapse
drifted layers
FS#197 - Trainer Mode (includes various ideas of design) Expand Collapse
It should work as the following:

o The player could activate the trainer mode while playing any level. When activated, theres no timer counting, and the player should be able to decide,

o where to put the start position.

o Use a function button to activate the mode

o After crashing, there shouldnt be a menu popping up, but instead the player should be immediately warped back to this chosen start position.

o To get an implementation that also works with scripted levels, it could be done like that: For choosing the start position, the player could use 2 keys, to go along the WR replay of the level (in time forwards and back, just like for a replay), and to decide where it is.
When you take an existing replay, the script values should probably already set correctly for the certain position.
This means less freedom for the start position, but would solve the task satisfactory.
THis method would also help to let the ghost start from the exactly same player position, to make the training comparable in efficiency to the WR.

o as a further idea, one could implement another button for training mode, that would when pressed "save" the current driven state as a ghost, and put the player back to its start position. Now the gamer could try to compare certain methods of getting beyond a passage, without having to mess against only the WR ghost.

FS#351 - +++ Add xmoto Ticker +++ Expand Collapse
On the GUI, there should be a ticker, which gives NEWS or Messages to all the online Players out there.
The Messages should be editable from a website administration tab, so that one can react quickly on new situations. (Bug Warnings, Call players to test SVN, tell about theme updates etc.)
I made a picture to show how I imagine it.

Gaivota (anonymous, because dont have my password here on the desktop box)
FS#516 - Network ideas Expand Collapse
Some ideas to make the network play better:

- against the spams: A person should only be allowed to say the same thing 3 times in a row. Otherwise he/she will be kicked out.
- the messages: I think it would help when there is a button to see the messages again.
- The time messages appear should be longer.
- You should can see the people who are playing online on the Webside.
- You should can see which level other people are playing. (for example when you click on their name or something like that)
- Private messages and the names of the players (or the first 3 letters of the name) would also be nice.
- Or maybe some colors would help to distinguish form other people.
- It would be nice to make a race-function. This means: when one player presses a button (for example "enter") the level starts again at everybody who is in the same level.

thanks for reading...
mfg philip

FS#673 - Improve ingame chat (and network) Expand Collapse
Please improve the ingame network chat:

- An own big chat window where you can scroll up and see old messages
- Assign a key to "show console" by standard
- Possibility to click on a player's name and see which level he is playing/switch to his level
-> hovering the nicks shows this information in svn
- an option to customize the time the console is showing up
-> an option was added to keep it visible always

At the moment I can't think of more improvements. Feel free to add others in comments. I myself would be looking forward most to the first one ;-)
FS#699 - Implement a nice physics handling - Physic Themes Expand Collapse
- main menu -> add button "bike" ->leads also to physics manager (let choose from default physics, or use custom ones (similar to myLevels), make physics downloadable like themes)
- levels -> add tags which physics are allowed on each level (for highscores)
- add free ride mode, where each physics are allowed on all levels, disable highscoring here

Validateable bike models (must include theme and physics)
-> levels have a record for each validated bike model, depending on chosen bike, display the record belonging to it as ghost and best time in level

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40% of 3 tasks completed. 3 open tasks:

FS#752 - X-Moto crashes if try to use HTTP proxy server for connection Expand Collapse
X-Moto always crashes if I try to use HTTP proxy server for connection
FS#510527 - Show 'crappy' levels in favorite list by default. Expand Collapse
Within the last few years, one of the mods went through the levels and crappy-marked a large number of levels that were deemed substandard. This unfortunately created a problem - when levels are marked as crappy, the default setting in the x-moto client is to hide them in all places accept a crappy-level list. Normally this is fine, but many people might have had these levels in their favorites list. I know that I personally thought the levels had been removed all-together. Therefore I believe that a fix should me made that exempts the crappy-level filter from the favorites list, because clearly the person liked the level enough to favorite it.
FS#510528 - Add 'Safe Mode' Expand Collapse
Taken from http://forum.xmoto.tuxfamily.org/index.php?topic=3964.0

Basic idea is: toggleable option that would disable certain level changing/restart buttons once a player hits a checkpoint.

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